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Dinosaur adventure The Stomping Land removed from sale on Steam Early Access

Extinct following months of developer silence.

Ambitious dinosaur-based multiplayer game The Stomping Land has been removed from sale on Steam Early Access following months of silence by its developer SuperCrit.

I'm sure it'll all work out.

The Stomping Land was a reasonably high profile splash on Kickstarter in May 2013, where it raised nearly six times its $20K goal. Since then, it launched on Steam Early Access in May where it was on sale for $25.

Developer updates dried up shortly after that, but SuperCrit's PR person stopped by the Steam Forums on 14th July to confirm that The Stamping Land was still in development. They then announced that they were quitting their post, citing developer Alex "Jig" Fundora for being "not very communicative."

"I am stringing the community along. I don't want that. You don't want that. So I'm not going to continue doing that," the rep said before bowing out.

Fundora, an ex-Skyrim animator, has been AWOL since then, neglecting to update the game's forums with any word as to its progress.

It's unclear why exactly The Stomping Land was pulled and whether this was SuperCrit's decision or Valve's. We've reach out to both parties with hopes of clarifying what the deal is and whether The Stomping Land is still in development.

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