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Blur beta: X360 performance analysis

Car Parklife.

We've not heard much from Bizarre Creations since the release of The Club and the subsequent Activision buy-out, so the chance to check out the Xbox 360 multiplayer beta of the forthcoming Blur proved to be irresistible.

The firm's last 360 title - Project Gotham Racing 4 - was a handsome-looking game with native 720p, a rock-solid 30FPS and 2x multisampling anti-aliasing, boosted by excellent post-processing effects that helped to significantly enhance the sense of speed and the realism of the simulation.

With Blur, the approach shifts to a more arcade-like experience, with shades of Mario Kart and WipEout in its use of power-up weaponry and intense vehicle-to-vehicle combat. However, Bizarre's focus on solid-looking visuals and impressive effects work hasn't changed.

So how does the performance look based on the beta code?

Bizarre Creations has handed in a game boasting absolutely rock-solid performance.

The answer is "remarkably well". From start to finish, no matter how much is happening on-screen, Blur maintains its 30 frames per second output without a single dropped frame, and thus not a single fluctuation in the graph, which is as even and consistent as previous record-holder Dante's Inferno.

Tech-wise we see a slight upgrade in the framebuffer format compared with PGR4. The game retains the native 720p resolution, but anti-aliasing is upped to the Xbox 360's maximum 4x MSAA. While background geometry levels are a little on the low side in the beta, the eye is kept occupied owing to the sheer amount of vehicles on-screen at any given moment.

In short, Blur is looking as solid as we would expect from a Bizarre Creations title and we're looking forward to checking out final code on all formats. Blur is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 28th May.