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Golden Axed prototype creators livestream with Digital Foundry

Get the inside story on the reboot that never was.

Last week, as part of its 60th anniversary celebrations, Sega released an unfinished prototype version of a Golden Axe reboot that saw a small team from Sega Australia look to modernise and revitalise one of the company's beloved arcade franchises. Suffice to say, the sudden release of the original 2012 code caught its creators by surprise, and developer Tim Dawson's Twitter thread detailed at length a story of the project's inept mismanagement that took place in crunch conditions. Sega stepped in to apologise to the coders. As the prototype itself was only available for one weekend, you may have missed out on the opportunity to play it.

And that's where Digital Foundry may be able to help. DF Retro creator John Linneman is streaming gameplay from the prototype, and joining him to discuss the project in much more depth are two of the game's developers, Sanatana Mishra and Tim Dawson.

Watch on YouTube

Now that the stream is over, we thought it would be a great idea to credit everyone involved with the development of the prototype:

  • Adam Dowley - Animation
  • Anne-Marie Weber - Audio
  • Brent Waller - Environment Art
  • Daniel Hooley - Design Lead
  • Darius Sadeghian - Production
  • Dean Ferguson - Art Lead
  • James Fearn-Wannan - Animation
  • Jeremy Love - Concept Art
  • Jeremy Taylor - Audio Lead
  • Koji Hashimoto - Character Art, 3D Logo
  • Marcus Fielding - Studio Head
  • Mark Rowley - Tech Lead
  • Mauricio Milne-Jones - Rigging
  • Ruan Ji - Character Art
  • Sanatana Mishra - Design
  • Simon Dew - Environment Art
  • Tim Dawson - Programming, Animation, Design
  • Vikram Shingrani - Rigging
  • Wayne Perry - Tech Art

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