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WipEout Omega Collection's PSVR upgrade arrives today

And we've played it on PS4 Pro.

We already consider it a highly recommended purchase for PlayStation 4 and Pro users, but Sony's WipEout Omega Collection moves to the next level today with a free upgrade that introduces full PlayStation VR support. We've had access to the PS4 Pro version, we've played it extensively - and it's rather special.

For a start, it's the full game. There are no cutbacks, no compromises, no reductions in content - it's simply a virtual reality alternative to the existing ways you can play the game, to the point where VR players can indulge in multiplayer games alongside normal PS4 and Pro users. We're still in the process of producing our platform comparisons, but there's no sense that we're being visually short-changed either. After all, WipEout Omega Collection ran locked at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 4 Pro, suggesting plenty of GPU overhead in accommodating PSVR's 1080p display.

In fact, we can confirm that super-sampling is in effect, meaning that the often jaggy appearance you find in PSVR titles is reduced significantly. PS4 Pro renders natively at 1620p before downsampling to the visor's 1080p display - not quite 4K then, but we have to remember that the overall workload of VR is significantly higher. In producing a stereoscopic 3D image, the whole image is effectively rendered twice with a slight offset.

Similar to the existing versions of the Omega Collection, frame-rate is locked at 60 frames per second, with motion interpolation incorporated to support PSVR's 120Hz screen - though similar to other titles that use this technique, there is still noticeable 'ghosting', particularly on fast lateral movement. But the key aspect here is the consistency - after several hours of play, we've not noticed any drops to performance.

Our earlier look at the Omega Collection. Now you get all of this in full virtual reality with the release of today's update.Watch on YouTube

The concept of running WipEout in virtual reality sounds exciting in theory and in action, it delivers in spades. The opening seconds of the race set the stage nicely, allowing you to check out the cockpit of your racer more closely or to look up and stare at the surrounding environments. It's WipEout on the kind of scale you've never seen before and it's quite magnificent. And then the action kicks in and 'intense' doesn't really do justice to what follows.

One word of warning though: this is extreme stuff with fast motion that may cause issues for many users. You'll need definitely need your VR legs to deal with this experience. Personally, I played the game three races at a time before taking a break in order to make the intense experience a bit more manageable. Interestingly, warnings appear to inform you of potential motion sickness issues (for example, using the 180 degrees switch in Fury Eliminator rounds) while some of the more extreme courses also bring up warnings and even turn on pilot assist - which you can disable if you want.

It's a bumpy ride for sure, but also a spectacular one. This is a zero compromise WipEout experience in just about every sense - and that extends to the intensity of the action.