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DICE want you to know that Battlefield 1's horses aren't just tacked-on

Going pasture expectations.

DICE has opened up about the unique role horses will play in Battlefield 1.

After trotting out yesterday's new gameplay trailer and open beta announcement, DICE's appropriately-named Tommy Rydling has added a new post to the Battlefield blog, discussing the influence of cavalry in the upcoming shooter.

According to DICE, horses can act as powerful melee units, enabling the rider to both trample over enemy infantry and scythe them down with a passing swing of the sabre. Players will also be able to use rifles from horseback, drop ammo and bandages to assist teammates, and harass vehicles with their anti-tank grenades and uniquely equine agility.

The Battle of Gallopoli in action.

Riders will automatically spawn onto horseback, as well as being able to dismount to carry on the fight on-foot, "just like the other vehicles in the game."

That being said, DICE has made a conscious effort to rein-in expectations that horses will perform like motorcycles by granting horses the ability to react on their own to environmental dangers and obstacles, such as cliff faces and large bodies of water. Whether or not your horse will drink from the water once you lead it there isn't mentioned.

For greater detail on the game, read our Battlefield 1 guide, tips and tricks page.

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