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Devolver is now a publicly-traded company, and Sony has bought a stake

Say hi to DEVO.

Devolver Digital became a publicly-traded company today, floating across the pond here in the UK on the London Stock Exchange with a valuation of $950m.

Fitting with the culture of the company, employees of Devolver Digital are still the majority owners, though NetEase and Sony now own eight and five per cent stakes, respectively.

Devolver says the move will allow it to invest in new games and partner (acquire) with studios it was previously unable to consider, as well as increase its staff count.

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The publisher also plans to publish 12-15 games a year going forward.

Devolver has become a favourite child of the industry, building its reputation for publishing high-quality games from independent studios, and pulling no punches when it comes to making fun of new industry trends and the behaviour of the larger publishers.

The decision to trade publicly will mean Devolver will remain independent in an industry where the big players are increasingly acquiring studios left and right.