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Devine's Clandestiny on Mac App Store

11th Hour follow-up for £2.39.

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Graeme Devine - co-creator of 7th Guest, lead designer of Quake 3 and Halo Wars, and former Apple employee - has re-released Clandestiny for the new Mac App Store.

There it carries a special launch price of £2.39 or $3.99. It's usual tag is $9.99.

Clandestiny is a vintage adventure game released originally back in 1996 after 7th Guest and 11th Hour. It combines nostalgic television cartoon visuals, a tongue-in-cheeky spooky adventure written by author Jahanna N. Malcolm, and a pile of over 30 tricky puzzles.

Devine developed the game with his fledgling developer GRL Games, which only opened in December 2010.

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