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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition due this summer, new additions detailed

Coming to PC, includes three new playable characters.

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition was announced in December and now Capcom has unveiled the details on what this next-gen remake of the 2008 classic entails.

First off, it's coming this summer to PC in addition to the already announced PS4 and Xbox One. It also runs in 1080p/60fps, in case there was any doubt.

DMC4: Special Edition includes three new playable characters: Vergil, Trish and Lady (in addition to the original game's Nero and Dante).

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"Vergil will have a fully upgradable move set based on his rendition in Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, with elements of DmC Devil May Cry's Vergil added in, making this the definitive version of the character," Capcom explained on its blog. "He will also feature a new 'Concentration' mechanic, which makes his attacks get more powerful the more flawlessly he fights."

Meanwhile Trish will focus on melee combat with her badass Sparda sword, while Lady is more of a ranged character with a focus on firearms and a grappling hook.

Vergil will be playable in any mission, while Lady can only be played in Nero's missions and Trish can only be played in Dante's.

Another new addition to DMC4: Special Edition is Legendary Dark Knight Mode, which adds loads more enemies. This feature originally debuted in DMC4's PC version, so it will be making its console debut.

Furthermore, there will be new costumes and skins in addition to "numerous minor tweaks to game tempo and balance."

For more on DMC4, I wrote a retrospective on the under-appreciated sequel back in 2011.

Mo enemies, mo problems.