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Deus Ex is getting the Go treatment

Jensen interceptor.

Square Enix Montreal is extending its Go series to the Deus Ex universe, with Deus Ex Go due to hit mobile platforms later this year.

It follows successful mobile outings for Square's established properties, with Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go both releasing to critical acclaim. Deus Ex Go follows a similar template, delivering a highly-stylised, concentrated clockwork take on the stealth series, with players hacking their way across small grid-based levels.

Deus Ex Go will also introduce a level editor to the series, allowing players to create, share and download levels of their own.

The mobile release comes as part of a strong push for the Deus Ex universe this year, with Mankind Divided, the all-new console and PC release, coming out in August, while comic books, novels and new branded clothing lines are also set to be unleashed.