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Desura addresses complaints that it hasn't paid developers

Payment delays due to CEO's hospitalisation.

Multiple developers have claimed that digital distribution platform Desura hasn't passed its sales revenue onto the actual developers whose products are being purchased. Now Desura owner Bad Juju, Inc has addressed the matter, admitting that it's behind in paying its clients due to its CEO being in the hospital.

"We want to reach out and let everyone know that those experiencing payment issues ARE being heard," Bad Juju head of developer relations Lisa Morrison stated in a news post. "First and foremost we want to apologise that this has happened at all, one dev experiencing this is one too many."

"The issues have stemmed from a number of factors coming together in a bad way. The acquisition of the company last year has presented us with a number of very difficult issues to tackle, and we have been clearing those hurdles as efficiently as we are able. This has been compounded by the office being relocated, and by the current hospitalisation of our CEO."

"There are delays, and issues which need work to correct, but we will absolutely be paying all accounts due," Morrison added. "You do matter, and we are taking this very seriously

She further noted that Bad Juju CEO and president Tony Novak has been admitted to the hospital and will continue to operate as head of the company. "His health is a pressing concern and top priority to us," Morrison stated.

Yesterday Battle Fleet 2 developer Capital j Media complained about not being paid on the Desura forums. Another developer told a similar story on the Gamedev.net forums in January.

Back in December, developer Dust Scratch Games likewise said on Reddit that it hadn't seen any revenue from its game Drew and the Floating Labyrinth, but shortly thereafter noted that the issue had been addressed and that Bad Juju apologised for the delay. "They were very polite about it," Dust Scratch added.