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Destiny beta codes are good for three download keys

Bring your mates.

While the Destiny beta doesn't kick off until 17th July on PlayStation and 23rd July on Xbox, most users are able to at least redeem their download keys from the Destiny beta registration site. Upon doing this, they were greeted by a pleasant surprise: each beta code comes with three download keys, so you can bring along two friends who haven't pre-ordered or otherwise acquired this early access (Thanks, DualShockers.)

Bungie noted that this means you'll have "enough to field a full Fireteam on the console of your choosing!"

It looks like European PS4 users can't redeem their codes quite yet, but Bungie assured the region that they'll be able to claim them prior to the initial PlayStation launch on the 17th.

No matter. You don't actually get your download codes until the beta launches for your respective platform, at which point they'll be e-mailed to you. Additionally you'll be able to check for them on the beta registration page once logged in.

Now comes the difficult part where you must decide which two of your friends to bring along: the one who made you dinner the other day, or the one who's better at shooters. Decisions, decisions...

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