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Destiny 2's new raid activity launches next week

Just days after Warmind.

Bungie will open the doors to Destiny 2's next raid activity the same week as its upcoming DLC, Warmind.

This hasn't always been the case - sometimes, raids have been left to unlock at a much later point. Instead, Warmind's Spire of Stars raid lair will arrive next Friday, 11th May. The race to be first to complete it will begin at 6pm UK time.

The rest of Warmind will arrive just a couple of days beforehand, on Tuesday 8th.

Just as with the Curse of Osiris expansion, Warmind's raid activity is not a full raid. It's a "lair", which means another, shorter mission in the same location - the Leviathan which belongs to Cabal emperor Calus.

A teaser image for Spire of Stars shows Cabal dropships arriving at the Leviathan, by what looks like its tallest tower. We've already explored the main part of the ship and much of its underbelly. It looks like we'll be headed up top for this third and final mission there.

Warmind will bring a new set of campaign missions and strikes, plus Crucible maps which everyone can play whether they own the DLC or not. It's all part of Bungie's plan to win back hearts and minds after Destiny's bumpy road so far.

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