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Demo Roundup - 14th to 21st Jan

Trick football for dinosaurs.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

We hope you like a spot of football, or dinosaurs, or dinosaurs with hoof boots for playing football. Can you say hooves? Or were they claws or paws or feet or big stampy scalers? Tom says it's not important. But it is to me. And the dinosaurs. Just because they're dead. Ellie says shut up and get on with it.

Turok is one of only a few demos out this week. It's available on Live Marketplace (and PSN if you're in the US). Or how about the FIFA Street 3 sampler, out for both PS3 and 360. Quite eye-catching with its new stylised cartoon image, although some of you forum goers seem less than taken with the repetitive tricks.

Otherwise there's action RPG Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom to keep you occupied on Xbox 360. Those with a PS3 can play Sony's NBA game featuring basketball and nets and hoops.

For PC owners, there's a new version of the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo to try out.

Xbox Live Marketplace

PAL demos

  • Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom
  • FIFA Street 3
  • Turok

PlayStation Store

PAL PS3 demos

  • FIFA Street 3
  • NBA

US PS3 demos

  • Turok
  • FIFA Street 3


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