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Delver's Drop is a nifty-looking physics-based randomised dungeon crawler

Resembles a mix of The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky and Zelda.

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Delver's Drop may not have one unique hook, but Pixelscopic's upcoming Kickstarter-based dungeon crawler looks like a very polished combination of the genre's best elements.

It's a top down action-RPG of the Zelda variety, but it's also got the randomised layouts of The Binding of Issac and it borrows ZombiU's riff off the Demon's Souls formula where upon dying you come back as another person who can take advantage of their predecessor's progress.

The game also has a fully-fledged physics system like Spelunky, so objects and items will bounce around making for more chaotic, tense action. The physics will also be used for puzzles - something that plays a bigger part in this pseudo-roguelike than most hack-and-slash titles.

Delver's Drop will feature a class-based system wherein players can choose between a sorcerer, rogue, gladiator, and two other classes to be decided by backers. Each class will feature unique speed and movements, weapons, special abilities, and different perk trees.

Backers who pledge $15 will receive a copy of the game on PC or Mac upon its estimated October release along with a digital soundtrack and art book, while $25 pledges will get all that along with early beta access, the ability to vote on the remaining two classes, and additional Kickstarter exclusive items,

Currently the Delver's Drop Kickstarter is at $36,501 towards its $75,000 goal with 21 days to go before its 13th March deadline.

Delver's Drop is tentatively set for an October release on PC and Mac for $15, with an iOS and Android release set for next February for an undecided price.

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