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Def Jam: Icon demo this week

On Live this Thursday.

If you're looking forward to EA's next "stab" at capturing the grislier elements of hip hop culture, then look out for an Xbox 360 demo of Def Jam: Icon later this week.

Due out on Thursday, the demo offers a single-player bout featuring Bio Boi from Outkast and T.I., and takes place in a petrol station, apparently.

EA Chicago's latest has you fighting to become a real hip hop icon, with music playing an active role in triggering hazards like an exploding petrol pump.

To this end you'll be able to use the analog sticks like turntables to "make music your weapon". Other hip hop stars involved include The Game and Ludacris.

The full game is due out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on 23rd March.