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Deal or No Deal heading to DS

"Biggest hit this Christmas" - Koch

Koch Media believes Deal or No Deal on DS could be a surprise hit this year.

It signed the game among others as part of a UK distribution deal with French publisher Mindscape, and is already talking about it as one of its key titles in 2007.

"We reckon the quality of these titles means they have potential in the UK market," Koch spokesperson Stefano Petrullo told Eurogamer. "Deal or No Deal could be one of the biggest hits of this Christmas on DS."

Deal or No Deal is based around the quiz show on telly that goes by the same name - hosted here by Noel Edmonds and his silly face.

In it you begin by picking a box with a secret amount of money enclosed inside, and then spend the rest of the time opening and eliminating the remaining boxes. Each has a different sum of money in it taken from a list of amounts, and the banker will use this to offer you varying amounts of money after each round ends that you can take and finish the game with.

So, your choice is to take the money on offer or play through to your secret amount you picked at the beginning.

The other games Koch Media will be bringing to the UK as part of the deal are Real Adventures: Pet Pals, Crazy Pig, and Real Adventures: Wild Horses.

All are due out at the end of the year.