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David Reeves retires from Sony

Andrew House new European CEO.

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Sony Europe president David Reeves is to retire from his position at the end of the month.

Taking his place as president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is Andrew House, former chief marketing officer and group executive of the corporation.

"David's contribution in firmly establishing the PlayStation brand and expanding the business in Europe/PAL territories in his 14 year tenure at SCEE is immeasurable," commented Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment.

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to David for the many accomplishments he made to the to the PlayStation business and wish him the best luck in his future endeavours."

Reeves joined Sony in 1995 managing the regional offices of SCEE Germany, Austria and Switzerland, before moving to the UK. In 2003 he was appointed president and COO, and CEO of Sony Europe two years later.

The newly-appointed House joined Sony in 1990 and spent five years in Japan, before moving to Sony America in March 1996 as VP of marketing. He was appointed CMO in 2005 to oversee the global marketing efforts of the company.

In his new role he will be responsible for over 100 countries in the Europe/PAL territories, overseeing the PlayStation 3, PSP, PlayStation Network and PS2 businesses.

"I'm confident that the skills and expertise Andy has gained over the years working as Sony's CMO will contribute enormously in leading the PlayStation business in Europe/PAL countries and regions and to bring new initiatives in managing the business in the coming networked era," added Hirai.

House added: "I have strong ties to the interactive entertainment industry and I believe there is huge potential for further growth of our business in the Europe/PAL countries and regions, particularly in the area of networked entertainment."

"I'm looking forward to working with everyone at SCEE and with other groups in Sony to help achieve this potential."

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