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Dark Messiah 360 slips again

Tumbles into early 2008.

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Ubisoft has confirmed that Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements has been pushed back into early 2008.

The first-person fantasy action game is now due in the fourth quarter of the publisher's financial year, which means it will be released sometime between January and the end of March.

It follows word from last week that it had been held back until the start of December. But, evidently, it has since found another patch of magical ice to run carelessly across.

Elements is the 360 version of the popular PC game from last year, whose delightfully gruesome source-powered antics prompted us to award it a healthy 8/10.

New to the console port will be revamped controls fit for a pad, Live integration for 10 of you on some fresh maps, plus a fantasy-bucket full of various nips and tucks.

Pop over to our Dark Messiah of Might & Magic: Elements gamepage to see how it's coming along.

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