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Cult classic XBLIG shmup Bleed is coming to PS4 and Xbox One

A bloody good time.

While the Xbox One's backwards compatibility library is pretty solid these days, there's one oft ignored section of the Xbox 360's roster that hasn't been carried over: XBLIG (Xbox Live Indie Games). To make up for this abandoned corner of last-gen, developer Bootdisk Revolution is re-releasing its acclaimed 2012 shmup, Bleed, on both Xbox One and PS4.

Priced at €9.99 / $9.99, this re-release will arrive on PS4 23rd August and Xbox One the following day.

Bleed is a genre hybrid that blends twin-stick shooting and puzzle-platforming with a dash of stylish Platinum-esque slow-motion baked in.

Eurogamer contributor Jon Denton called Bleed "probably the best of the bunch" in the entire XBLIG library.

In his appraisal of its sequel, Bleed 2, he described the initial adventure as "a dizzying rush of bullet-hell slow-mo dodging, blasting, puzzle platforming and relentless ideas. Like Vanquish meets Contra with just a touch of Meat Boy."

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Should you have a PC or Mac and don't want to wait, both Bleed and its sequel are currently available on Steam.

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