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CSI for Wii, 360

Hard Evidence.

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Ubisoft has announced that it's bringing CSI to Wii and 360 for the first time ever this autumn.

The game's called Hard Evidence and is being painstakingly pieced together by Telltale Games, the brain behind Sam & Max's episodic crime capers.

The story will revolve around the Las Vegas team from the popular show on telly, featuring familiar faces Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows to name a few. We think it should have been that ginger one with the dramatic voice from CSI: Miami as the star. He's our favourite.

Anyway, the aim of the game is to solve various murders by using a vast array of forensic special moves. Procedures. So you'll be investigating crime scenes for bits of hair and all sorts of things the lazy cops handily skimmed over.

Those of you interested on playing this on Wii will be treated to motion-sensing navigation around various environments, while Xbox 360 owners are promised super-flashy cinematic graphics. Both versions will feature new and specific controls to make catching the bad guys a cinch.

It's also going to be the biggest and best offering so far, with longer cases to solve and more tools at your disposal - taken straight from the TV series, apparently.

It's already been confirmed for PC, and will launch simultaneously on all platforms.

Pop over to our CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Hard Evidence gallery for the latest screenshots, or investigate Eurogamer TV for the latest trailer.

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