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Crusader Kings 3 coming to PC next year

"User friendliness was never our primary goal."

Crusader Kings 3, the long-awaited follow up to the grand strategy cult hit, has been announced at this year's Paradox Con.

It's coming some time in 2020 to both Steam and Xbox Game Pass on PC.

The game itself will have some nice quality of life and visual improvements, such as 3D character models and a considerably more welcoming UI - that's despite game director Henrik Fåhraeus noting "user friendliness was never our primary goal".

There's a bigger focus on character, with a deeper version of the lifestyles system implemented later in Crusader Kings 2's lifetime, more ways to control religious beliefs, and a clearer emphasis on heirarchy and seniority so you can plan out your dynasty's succession.

We'll have more detail on Crusader Kings 3 ourselves very soon, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise, here's a look at the snazzy new trailer.

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