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Cross-buy and wireless Xbox One controller play coming to PC

Microsoft details its vision for integrating Xbox Live, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, has outlined the company's vision as it works towards integrating Xbox One and Windows PC.

The sweeping changes, which come via Windows 10 which is due out later in 2015, will see developers able to allow cross-buy between Xbox One and Windows PCs - an optional feature that will extend to microtransactions and additional content purchased by players.

As part of the integration, Microsoft is also preparing an adapter that will allow Windows PC players to use wireless Xbox One controllers, a peripheral that's slated for release later in the year.

Cross-play was demonstrated during today's GDC talk as Chris Charla took to the stage with developer Other Ocean to play #IDARB, and other games are also slated to utilise the feature. Zen Studios' Pinball FX series will soon be taking advantage of cross-buy and cross-play.

The most high-profile game to take advantage of the integration introduced with Windows and Xbox Live is Fable Legends - and other first-party titles could soon follow.