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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players are fighting over bushes

Mow them down.

If you've been playing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta, which was in open form over the weekend on PlayStation 4, then you'll probably have an opinion on the new Cartel multiplayer map.

Cartel is set in the jungles of Nicaragua where, as you'd expect from the name of the map, a remote cartel compound is housed.

As people have got stuck into Cartel over the weekend, one aspect of its design has sparked an interesting debate: the bushes.

In the middle lane of the map, bushes are set out to provide cover and sneaking opportunities. Visibility here is poor, and you often find players prone within the weeds, shooting anyone who dares to venture close.

The problem with Cartel from r/blackopscoldwar

On the one hand, there are some who hate the idea that bushes should provide concealment at all, calling for the developers at Treyarch to make them objects you cannot pass through - or get rid of them entirely. On the other, players are enjoying the creeping about. It's something that's unique to the map, and offers a different kind of gameplay. Tactical, dare I say it.

Based on my time with the game, the problem with the bushes is game mode dependent. Domination, for example, puts a control point by the bushes, which sometimes creates frustrating gameplay when you're faced with players concealing themselves nearby. (That's what explosives are for, I suppose!) But I think it's a decent place for modes in which the objective is on the move, such as VIP Escort.

Perhaps Treyarch could trim the bushes ever so slightly, so they provide less concealment for crouched enemies. Or perhaps they could make the bushes wobble a bit as players move through them, offering observers a visual aid.

For now, Cartel's bushes are inching their way towards meme territory, with some calling on Treyarch to give them a trim.

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