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Crackdown dev and TxK composer reveals puzzle adventure Lumo

It's Finnish for "enchanted".

Game developer Gareth Noyce may not be a household name, but he has quite the pedigree being the co-founder of Ruffian Games (Crackdown 2), and having worked on the original Crackdown, Fable 2 and PGR3. He also provided the music for Jeff Minter's recent Vita opus TxK. Now Noyce has gone indie and recently revealed his pet project, an arcade puzzle adventure called Lumo (it's Finnish for "enchanted").

Lumo's goofy meta premise is that a boy visiting a museum dedicated to old computer games gets whisked away to the museum's underground lair which in and of itself resembles puzzle games from the days of yore. According to Noyce, "it's dripping with humour and nods to the past, as well as being a more laid back and easier to play game than it's predecessors. There's plenty of platforming action, some physics based puzzles, plenty of exploration, and even a hidden shoot-em-up section."

The level of variety on display looks rather impressive and reminiscent of the sort of playful throwbacks Cavia toyed with in Nier. It's also quite the looker for a game that's only been in development for a scant four months and is being made by one dude.

Currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux, Lumo only launched its Steam Greenlight page this weekend and has already made it to the top 30 requested titles on the service. As such, it's a shoe-in to receive a place on Valve's popular distribution service.

See Lumo in action in its reveal trailer below.

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