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Cortana virtual assistant headed to Microsoft Office

Born Clippy.

Digital assistant Cortana will soon be available within Microsoft Office on mobile and desktop platforms.

Microsoft is currently testing a "Work Assistant" app that uses voice commands and Cortana technology to edit and share Word documents (thanks, Verge).

The functionality is still being tested at present but will be fully integrated into Office on PC, Surface and Windows Phone platforms "soon".

Interestingly, this would mean Cortana, who rose to fame as Master Chief's AI companion in the Halo series, appearing on rival mobile platforms iOS and Android which already have their own voice-activated butlers.

The last time that Microsoft included a virtual assistant in Microsoft Word was the much-maligned Clippy.

Microsoft has plans to bring Cortana functionality to all Windows 10-based platforms, although has yet to say how or when the assistant may grace Xbox One.

Windows 10-based universal apps are on the way for Xbox One at some point, however.