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Core community will "love" Kinect - Lewis

Reveals "no tolerance" for Wii, Move ports.

Microsoft bigwig Chris Lewis expects to see "hybrid experiences" on Xbox 360 that use Kinect as well as traditional controllers and therefore target both sets of consumers: casual and core.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer at gamescom, he said he wasn't convinced the core audience hates the idea of Kinect anyway.

"I believe a large slug of the core community will love Kinect for 360," believed Lewis aloud, in an interview published today. "They'll love the navigating round their 360 via hand gestures. They'll love that they can jump into a game like Joy Ride, which should really appeal to the hardcore community.

"We're very committed to that hardcore community - it defined us," he went on. "We'll keep bringing the Fable IIIs and the Halo: Reaches and the Gears of Wars to that community.

"But at the same time we'll target breadth, and over time you'll see different types of Kinect for 360 games come along that may appeal to both communities in different ways. There may be hybrid experiences where you've got gestures and physical movements that enhance what is otherwise a controller-based experiences. Those things will probably come."

Lewis, however, insisted that Move and Wii ports will not be welcome on Xbox 360.

"We have no tolerance for that," he said, in no uncertain words.