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The Copenhagen Game Collective announces Dark Room Sex Game HD

Needs your help recording moans, orgasms and cries of pain.

The Copenhagen Game Collective's curio Dark Room Sex Game is getting remade as Dark Room Sex Game HD.

For the uninitiated, Dark Room Sex Game was a screenless game in which two players would move their Wii remotes in conjunction with each other to simulate an orgasm. Each remote emitted sounds based on the level of "pleasure" it was receiving from its partner, and players would alter their movements based on the aural feedback coming out of their partner's controller.

It looked something like this:

Cover image for YouTube videoDark Room Sex Game: 2 Player Demo

Now the Copenhagen Game Collective (CGC) wants to remake its experimental game with Move controllers, allowing for "enhanced light feedback." Since the Move doesn't have speakers and there's an "HD" in the title, this will presumably use the TV.

While the first Dark Room Sex Game was never a commercial product, it's entirely possible that this remake could be, but the developer didn't say in the announcement - nor did it mention a platform. Ostensibly it will be on PS3 (and maybe PS4?), but I've e-mailed the CGC for clarification and will update when I hear back.

The folks playing in the video above are Spin the Bottle developer KnapNok founders Lau Korsgaard and Dajana Dimovska.

Amusingly, the CGC will be using user-generated sex sounds in the game and wants fans to submit audio samples. Anyone "interested in sighing, moaning, smacking, screaming and crying into a microphone for the sake of... Art" can apply by sending their purring, cooing, and ooh-ooh-oohing to submit@cphgc.org

"We encourage a realistic representation of sex, in all its possible and diverse representations," wrote CGC member Lau Korsgaard. "We believe the result will be more interesting the less distance there are between the recorded audio and the way you actually sound in 'reality'".

There are more detailed descriptions of what each sound byte should entail on the announcement page. Evidently a "super orgasm" should last up to 20 seconds long. That's some orgasm!

Now can we all take a moment to really let it sink in just how strange it must be to sit around listening to these samples all day, deciding which ones go into the final game?