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Control details two big expansions, the first of which is PS4 timed-exclusive

The second features an Alan Wake tease.

Control developer Remedy has detailed its plans for the game's post-launch content. Two paid expansions will arrive in 2020, with an end-game level challenges mode due first in December.

The first of the paid expansions, The Foundation, will be a timed-exclusive launch on PlayStation 4. It's a detail buried in the press release and not in the studio's public blog post on the subject, which feels a bit sneaky.

"The Season Pass and individual Expansions will be available for purchase on Xbox One and PC, following the PlayStation 4 Expansion 1 'The Foundation' release," a line of small print reads. "The AWE expansion will release on all platforms on the same date."

Expect The Foundation in early 2020 and for PS4 first, then, before second expansion AWE arrives in mid 2020 at the same time for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Both will be set in new locations within the game's Oldest House locale, and feature new missions and game mechanics.

Peer closely at the artwork for the second expansion and you'll see what looks a lot like a portion of the box art for Alan Wake. Mysterious!

Before all that, Expeditions mode launches in December to offer "challenging new end-game content" for free to all players. And, even sooner, Control's photo mode will become accessible.

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