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Contribute to Microsoft's Idea Drive and make your Windows 10 idea a reality

"Team Xbox wants your input on how to make gaming on Windows even better!"

Microsoft is reaching out to Windows 10 users in a bid to find out what it can do to improve gaming on the PC platform.

"Team Xbox wants your input on how to make gaming on Windows even better!" says a tweet from the XboxInsider account. "Check out the Gaming on Windows 10 Idea Drive for more details on how to help."

"How can Windows 10 enhance your gaming experience? What features would you like added or changed to make gaming on Windows 10 even better?" the website asks (thanks, PC Gamer). "What do you want Windows to do (or stop doing) while you're playing a game? What can Windows do to optimize your gaming experience? What other gaming features would you like to see?"

Right now, the project is in its "collecting phase", with eventual plans to expand into a voting period (although right now, the website doesn't indicate when that will be). So far, the invitation has curated a number of interesting ideas, the highest voted of which - at the time of writing - is "when running a game, Windows should automatically disable processes while playing". With 762 votes, the proposal says that when players launch a game, Windows should identify any processes that aren't necessary to run the game - such as indexing - and disable them whilst playing.

With 482 votes, the runner-up idea right now is "create a version of Windows specifically for gaming". "As someone who generally uses Windows just for gaming, it would be great if there was a version specifically designed for this purpose," the proposal states. "Microsoft should release a version that is optimized and tailored specifically for the PC gamer."

Other ideas include letting users launch games on PC with a controller, allowing players to stream from their PC to their Xbox console, making it easier to customise controller mapping via the Xbox accessories app on PC, and automatically downloading driver updates when a game is installed.

If you'd like to add your weight to any of the ideas already suggested - or propose your own, of course - head on over to the website.

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