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"Consoles don't threaten PC gaming"

But spell death of desktop-exclusive titles.

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NVIDIA boss Roy Taylor believes the value of consoles means no-one will make PC-exclusive games any more.

Speaking exclusively to Eurogamer, he said he wasn't threatened by the machines from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo; instead he sees an "exciting future" of co-existence.

"I think we have to face the facts - the value of consoles is such that no-one is going to make a PC-exclusive game in the future. Why would they? Why would they ignore consoles?" said Taylor.

"That said, PC gaming is changing - and consoles don't threaten PC gaming. They're just different. Adapting to that and understanding that is what I think is really, really important.

"Most PC gamers also own consoles - not all of them, but a lot of them. What we're seeing happen is that, yes, people are developing for Xbox 360, for PS3 - but they're also developing for PC," he added.

The reason Taylor is excited is that PC versions of games, which he says are generally "better", use console code as a baseline, and the better the baseline then the better the desktop conversion.

"The console is now a baseline. If you look at Gears of War or Assassin's Creed, they came out on console and they were great experiences - but the PC versions had additional aspects to them that also made them attractive, whether you owned the console version or not," continued Taylor.

"The PC version was better. That's something that people need to get their heads around - the console is a baseline, the PC is going to be an improved version. That's an exciting future, and that's why I don't see anything threatening about console at all.

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