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Commodore opens doors

New PCs go on sale.

Commodore Gaming has opened the doors to its online store for customers in the UK and Ireland, with the company's new PCs set to be available across the rest of Europe from May, GamesIndustry.biz reports.

The site offers two different models - the Commodore gx, which retails for GBP 1759, and the GBP 2899 Commodore xx. The lower spec Commodore g and Commodore gs will be available from traditional retail outlets.

Purchasers will be able to customise both the interior and exterior of their machines, selecting their own choice of components and specifications. All Commodore Gaming PCs come with a two year service and parts warranty.

"This marks a new chapter in the history of Commodore, opening our webshop to offer great gaming PCs that are as unique as they are customisable," said Commodore Gaming CEO Bala Keilman.

"We're extremely excited and proud to offer our range of exceptional gaming machines and since PC gaming and online gaming is about instant entertainment, this is what we intend to deliver with machines that will satisfy everyone from the casual gamer to the professional."

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