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Comedian takes on Choose Your Own Adventure

"You are in a dark room."

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As Ian Livingstone, co-creator of the legendary Fighting Fantasy series of novels, puts pen to paper for his next instalment in the classic choose-your-own-adventure universe, comedian and journalist John Robertson has created his own take on the genre.

The Dark Room is a series of inter-connected YouTube videos featuring an acerbic Robertson as your dungeon guide. There are a series of paths that lead towards the - hopeful - illumination of the room, whether through self-electrocution as your tears grace the light-switch, or the gentle berating of your stupidity as you give Robertson plenty of cheek.

You can start playing The Dark Room in the video below, after which you'll be whisked off to YouTube for a journey through the perils of the common light-switch. Say goodbye to this morning's work plans.

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