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CoH invention system 'imminent'

MMO celebrates third birthday.

NCsoft has told Eurogamer the new Invention System addition to City of Heroes is "imminent", suggesting it's just days away.

This free expansion patch will add a new crafting system to the MMO, which lets you collect ingredients and recipes from felled monsters to make powerful items. The update also introduces 10 new sets of wings: Angel, Demon, Dragon, Burned, Bone, Bat, Cherub, Insect, Tech and Fairy.

City of Heroes was released on 28th April, 2004. Last Saturday marked its third birthday, and NCsoft released some celebratory facts and figures for us to tuck into.

More than 24 million characters have been created in the game, 102,000 of these reaching the top level of 50. The most popular hero archetype turned out to be the Blaster, accounting for 27 per cent, while Masterminds topped the villains table with 26 per cent.

Those characters with travel powers favoured flying - soaring above at 32 per cent, followed by super jump at 28 per cent, super speed at 25 percent, and teleport at 14 per cent.

On top of all this, there's more than 3 trillion Influence (in-game currency) in circulation.

City of Heroes (and alter-ego City of Villains) is an MMO from developer Cryptic Studios. You get to play the role of super-hero and save Paradise City from all sorts of comic book threats. It was a great big breath of fresh air for the genre and landed itself a rapturous applause when it was released.

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