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Codemasters brings Colin McRae to iPhone

iOS retake of Colin McRae 2.0 leaks on the New Zealand store.

UPDATE: Mystery solved. Colin McRae Rally has appeared on the New Zealand Apple Store and is set for release on iOS tomorrow (thanks CrunchinJelly). It's based on Colin McRae Rally 2.0, and features many of the iconic cars as well as the co-driving skills of Nicky Grist. Sadly these chaps don't seem to have made the cut.

The teaser image Codemasters released this morning.

ORIGINAL STORY: Codemasters is teasing something Colin McRae-related, tweeting an image of the departed rally star's iconic Ford Focus ahead of an announcement tomorrow morning.

It's unlikely to be Dirt-related, with Codemasters only just having released a big ticket entry in its other racing franchise Grid. Codemasters hasn't been shy in acknowledging the existence of a Dirt 4, saying it'll have more traditional rally content, but right now a more official announcement's a way off.

More likely from tomorrow's news is a mobile remake of an older Colin McRae game - and the smart money's on it being Colin McRae 2. Remind yourself of that series' genius by reading up on our Colin McRae series retrospective, and come back tomorrow when we'll know a little more.