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Codemasters pulls out 3D Audio and puts back ray-tracing in F1 2021 on PS5

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

F1 2021 has had quite a volatile release on PlayStation 5.

Back in July, Codemasters released a patch that temporarily disabled ray-tracing to aid the game's stability. Since patch 1.05, this has been fixed and ray-tracing has been reinstated.

But now with its latest patch, 1.06, another PS5-specific feature has been removed: 3D Audio.

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According to the patch notes, it was removed due to "audio issues".

Although the notes don't go into details as to what those issues were, looking through the Codemasters forum, it appears some PS5 players with 3D Audio on experienced additional background sounds from other cars that drowned out the sound of a player's car.

There's no word as to how long it will take to fix, but given the time to rectify the issues with ray-tracing, I suspect players won't have to wait too long.

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