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Clay Fighter heads Virtual Console update

Mould but still lots of fun.

Quirky fighting game Clay Fighter heads the Virtual Console update today.

Interplay launched the title 14 years ago on SNES and wowed fans with fancy stop-animated graphics and plenty of humour. Clay Fighter went on to spawn numerous sequels, but none surpassed the original. You can take a trip down memory lane for 800 Wii Points (GBP 6 / EUR 8).

Today's other game is Sonic Chaos, which appeared back on the Master System and so costs 500 Wii Points (GBP 3.50 / EUR 5). This was the first Sonic game to feature Tails as a playable character. Whoops!

And that's your lot - unless you fancy one of the other 274 games on the Virtual Console. Even Secret of Mana is there.

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