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City of Heroes Issue 13 goes live

Mac version on the way, beta soon.

NCsoft has released the latest free update to its long-running superhero MMO, City of Heroes. It's also ready to start beta testing an Apple Mac version of the game.

The update, titled Issue 13: Power and Responsibility, focuses on new features over new content. First on many players' wish-lists must be the multiple "builds" now on offer for each character, allowing you to build two separate, specialised powersets for one character. These can be switched between by visiting an in-game NPC.

Issue 13 also introduces pact levelling, which allows two players with characters below level five to sync their experience points and always stay at the same level, regardless of how much time online either character spends.

Day Jobs is a system which allows characters to level up in certain skills while logged out, similar to EVE Online's offline skill training. The Day Job you progress in is dependant on which of the game's locations your character is in when you log out.

On top of these three ease-of-use innovations, you get some new power sets, missions, the merit reward system and sundry other tweaks.

Meanwhile, NCsoft says that open beta testing for the Mac version of City of Heroes is imminent. The move means City of Heroes will join World of Warcraft and EVE Online as an MMO playable on Apple computers. You can apply for the Mac beta at the official site.

City of Heroes for Mac will be sold as a special edition digital download only from the PlayNC online store. It will include the complete City of Heroes and City of Villains games, all the free updates, some exclusive items and a subscription-free month of play.

Eurogamer MMO will bring you a hands-on report on Issue 13 soon.