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City of Heroes expands again

Issue 10 revealed.

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NCsoft has revealed more superhero content for City of Heroes and City of Villains.

It comes in the spandex-clad form of Issue 10, which will begin with a server-wide event stretching right across Paragon City and the Rogue Isles. Those evil aliens the Rikti want to invade the Earth again, and this time they won't take no for an answer. No sir, no way.

The aftermath of this gigantic punch-up will leave players between levels 35 and 50 with a new area to explore, one which has been handed over by the government for the Vanguard to control.

Here in this Rikti Warzone you'll find lots of new quests to try to beat, and even a new Task Force challenge for six to eight of you, either as Heroes or Villains - providing you're all over level 45. You'll even be able to fight your way into Rikti mothership, providing you can demolish the surrounding pylons. Which isn't as easy as it sounds, super readers.

Those of you with an Inventive turn can use the new crafting system to create special costume pieces using recipes dropped in the new zone, or rework salvage into Vanguard "Heavies" to use as powerful pets.

City of Heroes and City of Villains form a superhero-themed MMO world from Cryptic Studios. It gained wide critical acclaim when it launched in 2005, and has undergone many successful transformations since.

What's more, Eurogamer is still giving away free trial keys for the game. So if you've never given it a try, clearly now is the time.

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