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Chucklefish shares new gameplay of Indiana-Jones-esque strategy adventure Pathway

Coming to PC later this year.

Developer Robotality (previously responsible for sci-fi strategy-RPG Halfway) has unveiled a big wedge of new gameplay footage from its intriguing, rip-roaring 1930s "strategy adventure", Pathway, coming to PC later this year.

Heavily inspired by the likes of Indiana Jones and classic pulp adventure novels, Pathway puts you in charge of a team of brave explorers (from a choice of 16, each with their own equipment and skill trees) then packs you off on an adventure across a procedurally-generated map, featuring a unique set of story encounters. Adventures are shaped by the chosen campaign, with five available in total - and, yes, there are Nazis. And zombies. And possibly zombie Nazis?

You can see a good 10-minute chunk of the resulting action in publisher Chucklefish's new gameplay video below, although be warned that there's no commentary, so you'll have to make do with someone pointedly waving the mouse cursor around at certain points instead.

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While some encounter spots on the map provide opportunities to sell goods and stock up on supplies (including new weapons and fuel), others offer up suitably adventure-y flavour text, occasionally presenting choices that will influence the outcome of an event. The most substantial portions of the game, however, appear to be the combat encounters, which resemble X-COM-like turn-based battles with a focus on strategic positioning.

I'm a bit of a sucker for the old pulp adventure aesthetic, so I've had my eye on Pathway for a while. It certainly looks and sounds the part, and we'll know if it has the gameplay chops to match when it releases for PC later this year.

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