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Chin-stabbing dating sim has the funniest, most disturbing character design since Seaman

Makes Bruce Campbell look tame in comparison.


We don't often report on Japanese dating games here at Eurogamer, but when a game features intentionally crude character designs this stupendous we can't help ourselves.

Gakuen Handsome is a "boy's love" game (i.e a dating sim aimed towards girls) in which a character has a chin so pointy that he literally stabs another dude with it - as can be seen (and never unseen) on the right.

Peculiar? Sure. But Gakuen Handsome is designed as a parody of the genre and apparently it's quite a good one.

Gakuen Handsome came out on PC in 2010, but it's coming to Japanese mobile phones this week, Kotaku reports. We can't imagine this will ever come to the west, but maybe it's better to preserve the mystery and instead just watch its insane trailer below.

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