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Cheggers/Hansen Wii dated

Slow news day, is it?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Own a Wii? Satisfied, are you? Or do you sometimes go round your PS2 friend's house and stare at his plastic quiz show controllers and wish you weren't saddled with stupid motion sensors and bobble heads of your dad and little blue glowing lights that never seem to shut up even when you do check your messages?

Then good news! Because the game Ellie regarded as something "cheap and simple to entertain the family, but it'll be gathering dust by New Year" is finally coming to Wii! Yes, Cheggers' Party Quiz has been dated, and will be released on 7th December! As published Oxygen Games put it, "Wii-Hey!"

Alternatively, are you a fan of dour Scotsmen with a thistly regard for porous Premier League defences and an inability to answer nice ladies' questions sensibly? Then good news for you too! Because Alan Hansen's Sports Challenge is coming to Wii on the same day.

Terrific. Christmas is saved.

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