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Charming 'work it out yourself' game Kingdom gets a release date

It Disney hold your hand.

I wrote a bit about a game called Kingdom recently, a game I enjoyed because I had to work it out, and because it looks like a pixelated fairytale. Publisher Raw Fury has just given it a release date - 21st October - and a price: $10/€10/£7.

It'll be available on Steam and the Humble Store and you can pre-order via the Kingdom website now. There's a video showcasing a very pleasant piece of music from the game below.

Kingdom is a game made by a couple of people, noio and Licorice if you've heard of them, and it makes you, alternately King or Queen, establish a new kingdom. But all you can do is gallop around on your horse and drop coins. And there are baddies, and if you die, you start again from the beginning. So it's a bit tower defensey, a bit resource managementy, and a bit explorationy. And it's charming. And I dare say nothing more.

It's the 'working it out' part that inspired me to write something all hipstery about wanting games to stump me (not chop my legs off that's different). I think it makes me pay more attention than being handed the answer, you see, and if I were making a game, I'd jolly well want people to pay attention to it.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube