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Championship Manager 1980s Legends

King Kenny back from the... wait.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix will follow-up the launch of Championship Manager 1970s Legends with, wait for it, a 1980s edition.

You get the chance to change history by managing some of the biggest teams of the decade, reads the official blurb.

The database is home to thousands of players from the decade. Match of the Day maestro Gary Lineker and ex-England manager Glenn Hoddle are mentioned.

It features illustrated news stories from throughout the decade, adding authenticity.

  "It's almost like the 1980's never went away - Kylie Minogue is still releasing songs, there's another royal wedding, talent shows are on prime time television and King Kenny's back at Liverpool. It's like we never left the decade behind," said general manager Roy Meredith.

"1980s Legends lets you take that revival one step further and manage some of the greatest names in football, back in a decade when football was about mullets and mud. With 1980s styled visuals you really will immerse yourself in the era."

Championship Manager 1980s launches this month. Screenshots are below.

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