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Casual gaming "set to explode"

Europe under-served, says MumboJumbo.

MumboJumbo boss Paul Jensen believes Europe is an under-served community, and that casual gaming here is set to explode.

Talking to Eurogamer at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco he reiterated the strength of quick-fix thrills, and MumboJumbo's renewed focus on our territory.

"We are getting into Europe in a big way," Jensen told us. "We are continuing to be very aggressive at localising our games to get out to the larger countries in Europe."

"Europe is, in my opinion, under served, and is a market that is certainly set to explode, we just have to support it."

MumboJumbo plans to do this both on PC and next-generation consoles, with its first Live Arcade title, Luxor 2, due out shortly.

However, it doesn't want to pigeonhole itself for just one service, and is determined to expand its audience across all available platforms, including previously supported PSP and DS.

"Even though we have a great retail presence, we made a push into PSP and DS because we believe it's opening up an audience even further," Jensen added. "That's why we're supporting [new consoles] with our Xbox Live launch, and we're going to be there when we can with Sony and Nintendo."

With UNO continuing to be a best-seller on Live Arcade, it's a convincing argument, especially as publishers continue to make big noises in the sector - such as EA, and Sierra Online.

Head over to the MumboJumbo website for more information and a proper gander at all its games.