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Cards Against Humanity is now online, free

Third party releases app via Creative Commons license.

Cards Against Humanity - the comedic party game about matching funny, offensive cards to funny, offensive prompts - is now available for free online.

Dubbed Cards Against Originality, this web app was actually made by a third party developer named Dawson Whitfield. This is completely legal as the original Cards Against Humanity was made under a Creative Commons license, meaning anyone is free to replicate and distribute it so long as it's not for profit.

One of Cards Against Humanity's original developers, Max Temkin, embraces this unofficial app. "I'm glad that our fans have been able to take Cards Against Humanity and remix it into their own original things; that's been a goal since we started working on our project," he told Endgadget. "Cards Against Humanity is obviously a remix of the comedy and games and pop culture that we love, and it's extremely cool to see our thing inspiring people to make stuff."

"We don't think it's very fun to play Cards Against Humanity on a phone, which is why we never shipped an app," he added. "We don't want to make something slightly worse than the thing we're already making. One of the best parts of playing Cards Against Humanity is just having an analogue experience with people and making your friends laugh."

That local experience isn't entirely lost in Cards Against Originality, as the web app needs to be played in the same room as other players. "This app is intended to fill in when you forget your physical cards. You'll still need to be with your friends (or strangers at the bar) to play," Whitfield noted.

On the plus side, since it's web-based, it can be played on any device with an internet connection.

Cards Against Originality includes all of the content from Cards Against Humanity along with its five expansion packs. Go on and give it a go.

For more on Cards Against Humanity, we detailed how the game is played back in 2013 when a UK-specific edition was released.

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