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Cards Against Humanity developer trolls Black Friday with bulls***

Like actual cow feces.

The developer behind comedic party game Cards Against Humanity have trolled Black Friday in a way only it could, by adjusting its online store to sell only one product for the day entitled "Bulls***."

Now that is one big pile of s***.

As it turns out, the product's intriguingly provocative name was in fact exceedingly literal.

Many customers were horrified at this, having not realised their mistake until they'd already plopped down $6 on this crap.

The Cards Against Humanity team noted on its Tumblr that astute readers should have known better as the following description was listed under the FAQ:

Are you selling any of your normal products today? No.

Is this actually poop? Yes.

Is it also something that's not poop? No.

Can I return it when I realize that it's actually just poop? No.

Is the poop dangerous? No. The poop is sterilised.

Is it legal to mail poop? Only one way to be sure.

Why is the poop only $6? Through the magic of incredible Black Friday super-savings.

The developer posted some of the best panicked e-mail responses it received from customers including this glorious exchange:

Tumblr user Veggieblt found themselves in a similar predicament and received the following response from one of the card game creators:

Developer Max Temkin stated on Twitter, "If you buy the poop expecting it to be something else that's not poop, you're actually buying a valuable life lesson for $6."

Truly it was a black Friday indeed. Or maybe more of a brown one.

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