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Cards Against Humanity dev makes a game about shagging your friends

With the creators of J.S. Joust and SpellTower.

The Cards Against Humanity creators have teamed up with Johann Sebastian Joust and SpellTower developers (Doug Wilson and Zach Gage respectively), to create Clusterf***, a card game about getting into a threesome with your mates.

Here's how it works: Players go around the table passing each other the various sexy notes that make up the deck. No one is allowed to talk at this time, so players must use body language, sultry looks, and maybe a game of footsy to indicate to their potential partners that they'd like to get it on.

Once a player is satisfied with the come-ons they've received, they announce "my body is ready!" and phase two begins. Now everyone closes their eyes and based on their deck (or their libido if they're missing the point entirely and taking the whole thing literally), points to who they want to shag. Note: They can use one or two hands during this process depending on how many people they're into.

Now everyone opens their eyes to see who wants to screw who. If two people are pointing to each other, that means they do the deed and each get a point. The goal is to play to three points.

If three people are all pointing at each other with both hands, they score a threesome and automatically win the game. "Just like Quidditch," the developer noted on Clusterf***'s official site. But there's another wrinkle to the scoring system: if someone flips off the players trying to get a threesome going, the threesome is foiled, none of its participants get any (points), and the person who busts it gets two points.

Best of all, Clusterf*** can be downloaded for free as part of the Cards Against Humanity team's 12 Days of Holiday Bulls*** promotion, in which they give away a bunch of crap to fans.

Happy holidays, everyone!