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Capcom reveals new 3DS mystery IP

Graphic adventure from Okamiden writer.

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Capcom has announced a brand new IP for the 3DS called Nazo Waku Mansion.

According to Siliconera, the game is a quirky mystery adventure that sees you exploring the titular residence (which translates roughly as Deluding Mysterious Mansion) entirely via the handheld's touch screen, gyrosensor and microphone.

The development team includes Resident Evil: Deadly Silence shot-caller Minoru Nakai and Yukinori Kitajama who wrote the scenarios for Okamiden and cult Wii graphic adventure 428.

Apparently you'll be able to tilt the 3DS to change the camera angle and talk to characters in the game using the mic.

The game's visual style is described as similar to Acclaim's forgotten 1995 survival horror effort D.

A Western release hasn't been confirmed just yet, but it's due out in Japan this summer.

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