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Capcom launches Resident Evil ARG

Online treasure hunt starts today.

A Resident Evil alternate reality game has just gone live on the web to tie in with forthcoming squad shooter Operation Raccoon City.

So far all there is is an Umbrella Sciences recruitment site that reads "Let us turn you into something incredible. Your new career starts here August 31st."

Over the next few weeks, participants will be asked to help an insider find evidence to expose Umbrella and the devastation it's about to unleash in Raccoon City.

Clues will appear on www.insertedevil.com with users then having to scour the web for the relevant materials. Once you've found an item, you'll get a code to prove you've done so.

As it's collated, the evidence will reveal new information about gameplay and playable characters.

As yet undisclosed prizes will also be up for grabs for successful sleuthing.

For more on the impending Slant Six-developed Resi spin-off, due out on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year, see Eurogamer's recent Operation Raccoon City preview.