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Cannon Fodder-like iOS game Extraction

Made by former Pure, Split/Second devs.

ShortRound Games has revealed Extraction: Project Outbreak for iPad and iPhone.

It's a blend of Cannon Fodder and Modern Warfare, and is made by experienced developers let go by sunken studio Black Rock (Pure, Split/Second).

Extraction: Project Outbreak is presented top down. You control a soldier by tapping at areas you want to move to on the screen. There are no on-screen joysticks.

A hotbar displays weapons and abilities (that unlock as you go). Tap and drag across the screen to select multiple enemies, click the relevant weapon/ability, and that's that: auto-blam blam blam while you concentrate on moving.

Points/XP are awarded as you kill. These can be boosted by chaining together kills.

As you progress, a research tree is unlocked, and weapons and abilities can be improved. There's the option to use micro-transactions to quicker-unlock tech.

Eurogamer visited ShortRound and played Extraction: Project Outbreak earlier this month. The game is easily understood, fast and fun. ShortRound told us there are around four to five hours of gameplay on offer, although there's no multiplayer.

The price and date haven't been set. The aim is for a November release and a price of around £0.69 on iPhone, and a little more on iPad.